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At this time we do not offer the following services.

Exterior of Windows

Heavy Trash Removal

Washing Dishes

Laundry of Any Kind

Sorting Personal Items

Cleaning Chandeliers

Delicate Light Fixtures

Wall Scrubbing 

Fire and Water Damage Restoration 

Standing on Ladders or Stools Higher Than Two Steps

Cleaning of Animal Waste

Unfinished Basements

Hands and Knees Floor Cleaning

Carpet Shampooing 

Cleaning Freezers

Construction Clean-up

Breaking Down Boxes

Moving of Furniture 

Grout Fixing (sealing, advanced-level grout needs)


Anything Outside the Home

Removal of Cabinet Liners

Adhesive Removal

Cleaning While Other Vendors are in the Home

Cleaning if Insect Infestation is Present

Vent Covers

Dishwasher Cleaning

Services Not Offered: Text
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